Chaud Devant Leather Bib Apron Fusion Bourbon Gold

Chaud Devant



  • W65 / L80
SKU: 667


The Chaud Devant Bib Apron Fushion Bourbon Gold is authentic, lightweight and timeless. From bistro to food truck or trendy bar, the new Chaud Devant Leather70 collection fits in anywhere. The innovative combination of cowhide and polyester makes the leather bib and waist aprons lightweight and less vulnerable to stains. All of the apron ties are fully adjustable. The ´raw edge - single stitch´ finish gives the collection its recognizable, tough appearance. The Leather70 collection comes in four attractive colours: Irish Cream, Bourbon Gold, Barrel Brown, and Moonshine Black.
Cleaning instructions: This natural product can be cleaned with a damp cloth or a neutral soap, such as a green soap. The ties can be cleaned separately at 30°C.

This rugged, short bib apron features ties that cross at the back. This apron is beautiful and practical find because the cross-closure places minimal pressure on the neck.
The apron front has a built-in double pocket.
  • Removable fastening
  • With crossed straps
70% Leather / 30% PL
Light weight material
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