Oxypas Ladies Work Clog Anais


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The model Oxypas ANAIS is specially designed for healthcare professionals with a foot disorder like hallux valgus (fusion of the big toe), quintus varus (deformation of the little toe) and hammer toes or for everybody looking for a soft and flexible shoe.
Thanks to the Lycra finish, this shoe forms to any foot. This closed model gives extra protection and is as comfortable as a slipper, for you to enjoy.

The Move collection has an ultralight design with antistatic properties and a slip resistant outsole. The inner lining in Coolmax ® keeps your feet cool and draws perspiration away from the skin. The anatomical shaped foot bed and outsole, that at any point touches the ground, ensures a healthy support of the foot. This model has a 3 cm or 1.18 inch heel.
  • Coolmax®-lining: This technical material keeps your feet cool and draws perspiration away from the skin.
  • Easy maintenance: The shoe can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth (not the parts in Lycra).
  • Schock absorbing: The midsole in EVA garantees shock absorption.
  • Lycra: The shoe exists mainly of very flexible lycra. This ultra soft material adjusts to any foot.
  • Ultra light: The midsole in EVA is very light, flexible and shock absorbing. The average shoe weight is 8.81 oz or 250 gram
  • Renewable insole: Renewable insole with Coolmax®. You can easily replace the insole regularly with our ultra comfortable insole OXYFOAM or use your own orthopedic insoles.
  • Anti-static: ESD The shoe features a plug that improves the dissipation of static electricity and meets the ESD standard.
  • Slip resistant: SRC The rubber outsole provides excellent grip, both on wet and dry floors and complies with the SRC standard.
  • CE-standard: CE EN 20347 certified

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